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Absolutely! Unlike other doctors that you have seen, Dr. Stringer is focused on RESULTS! That is what separates him from all of the other doctors that you have seen in the past! As a result of thorough blood metabolic and neurologic testing, it is much easier to correct your chronic condition. Unfortunately, most doctors will not do the in-depth testing that Dr. Stringer performs with each patient which is why you most likely have not gotten better.

Dr Stringer treats you metabolically and neurologically. We have a variety of different treatments including (but not limited to) homeopathy, nutritional therapy, lifestyle change programs, exercise enhanced with oxygen, interactive brain training, vibration therapy, laser therapy, life coaching, wellness coaching, among other therapies if you need them. Dr Stringer may also wish for you to do further testing for gluten sensitivity, intestinal permeability and more extensive blood work, to determine if you may need supplements

Yes and No. Yes, if you are a person that just requires a mild tune-up because you take care of yourself more than 99% of everyone out there. No, if you have is a chronic condition and your symptoms will not improve in a couple treatments. Because you are suffering with a chronic condition, treatment could last 6 months to a year or more with follow-up testing to monitor your improvement. It took you years to get where you are, it’s going to take some time to get you back to tip top shape assuming you follow Dr. Stringer’s recommendations exactly as prescribed.

We are a private membership facility – meaning, you must be a member to be accepted into our practice. Private memberships can be applied for in our office prior to your first visit. Memberships start at $35 per year for an adult. For questions email: info@bodyMINDDoc.com

An All-Inclusive Approach To Wellness

Incorporating extensive testing (both DNA and functional lab testing) allows us to assess an individual’s body to determine one’s chronic health conditions or potential weaknesses. Functional neurological testing aides in determining treatment techniques and nutritional protocols capable of improving an individual’s wellness potential and mental functionality.

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