Preventing, Stopping, and Reversing Cancer

     Links to topics discussed: Water and Air Filtration: Call Al Jung (pronounced Young) at Air and Water Centre at  (941) 924-0607 Exogenous Ketones: Ketogenic Diet: Oxygen Systems: ​LiveO2 System ​​ ExtremeO2 System: CBD Oils: Essential Oils: Modified Citrus Pectin: I actually have this at my office at [...]

BodyMind Health Radio Show

The Body Mind Health (Radio) Show debuts today... Monday, August 7th from 9:30 -10 am on 96.5 FM WSLR. Show host Dr. Sean Stringer will start the premier show on the topic of Breastfeeding to promote Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Special guest, Arielle Boudreau Ball, will be joining to educate listeners on the topic. You can [...]