bodyMIND© is an all-inclusive approach to wellness. Incorporating extensive testing (both DNA and functional lab testing) allows us to assess an individual’s body (thyroid, adrenal glands, liver, food sensitivities, intestinal permeability, immune system function, etc.) in order to determine one’s chronic health conditions and/or potential weaknesses. In addition, we incorporate functional neurological testing to aide in determining treatment techniques and nutritional protocols capable of improving an individual’s wellness potential and mental functionality. Once identified, we then address these issues through custom tailored lifestyle specifically for each unique individual. Individuals heal faster and live better lives. All of our programs address the 5 key pillars to optimized health which include: fitness, nutrition, detoxification, hormonal balancing, and neurological balancing. Education through our bodyMIND Immersion© events and bodyMIND Lifestyle© support programs.

The characteristics of wellness for each individual are as unique as their own DNA. At bodyMIND© our carefully chosen testing produces a comprehensive Wellness Action Plan providing information regarding not only their genetic, but including recommendations specifically tailored to optimize their diet, lifestyle, physical activity and nutracuetical supplementation to maximize a patients wellbeing. Genetic DNA Analysis provides each individual with genetic information about themself that may have positive implications for their nutrition and fitness, to help them strategically take control of their own wellness, and to guide their diet and lifestyle choices in their quest for optimal health.

Although Dr. Stringer has facilitated the lifestyle transformation process for many clients in their quest for wellness and quality of life, the challenge will and has always been sustainability. The creation of bodyMIND©, bodyMIND Immersion© events, bodyMIND Recalibrate© and bodyMIND Lifestyle© support programs is Dr. Stringer’s answer to this challenge of lifelong sustainable lifestyle transformation. bodyMIND© works with clients to support lifestyle transformation in several ways. Our immersion events allow each participant to fully engage in all aspects of their wellness lifestyle with each component designed uniquely for them, considering not only the results of our extensive testing, but integrating their personal preferences and passions.

Working with the grain, in contrast to against it, facilitates the assimilation of new behaviors. Our bodyMIND Immersion© interrupts current behavioral patterns, provides new paradigms of experience and practical application lessons for implementation with sustainability as the goal. At 6 month intervals bodyMIND Recalibrate© events offers mini immersion weekends for reevaluation and recalibration. These 3 day events allow as to reevaluate where clients are in regards to where they started. It also allows us to make sure that current behaviors are on track with goals and objectives and to safeguard against the reemergence of unfruitful actions. In between events, our and bodyMIND Lifestyle© support programs offer community resources to encourage and help keep clients on track. Online community and virtual trainer communications provide the support and guidance for clients’ to continue in lifestyle transformative behavior. Our concierge functional medicine team again brings these services to the door facilitating the development of long term wellness behaviors. In certain communities, bodyMind© has integrated functional medical services into the community and support services already offered for seamless lifestyle integration.

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We do not treat specific diseases but the complete person. Our physicians and wellness coaches work together closely as a team and utilize a comprehensive approach to help you reach optimized health.

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